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The E2Transienter is a powerful audio processor for transient processing. Based on a patented parameter and architectur combination, it allows detecting transients independently while providing various ways to adjust your settings. The included presets give you all the required starting point for your transient processing needs. Try also the free demo version of the E2Transienter and discover all the capabilities. E2Transienter Features: The E2Transienter contains a wide range of processed transients: Bell (Attack), Bell (Release), Band pass, Band pass Low, Band pass Hi and Drop pass. The filters can be configured in resonance, cut-off frequency and selectable frequency range.All the filters have a dedicated control to adjust the aspect of the bell of the filter, which makes the E2Transienter a great tool to equalize attacks or any kind of transient.A wide variety of settings Select the standard settings or adjust them to your liking with the controls and presets included in the E2Transienter. You can use them as they are, or add them in combination to your desire set of parameters. With the E2Transienter you will be able to master the transient of your track.Setting a specific frequency range The E2Transienter includes a Loudness filter, which lets you get easily the right level for your transient processing. This filter automatically selects the frequency range of the transient to be processed, which allows you to keep the transient, but to eliminate the background. E2Transienter Transient detection The E2Transienter contains advanced stereo options to enhance the transient stereo processing. You can use the E2Transienter stereo to detect the transient inside the left or right channel, or both of them.You can also process the stereo signals in both channels, which allows you to process the attack signal in both channels and the release signal in the other channel. E2Transienter Tutorials: You can also get help to get started with the E2Transienter in the description of the tutorial on the website. E2Transienter Demo Version: Take the E2Transienter free demo, which you can continue to test all the features of the E2Transienter. Make sure to download the free version, that is fully functional. E2Transienter Presets: The E2Transienter includes 50 presets for use with the main parameters of a5204a7ec7

Transient processing and equalization of transient processing Transient detection of stereo drum tracks General mono processing EQ of transients Gate effect Compression effect Compression/gate control Stereo detector with attack and release Setting Short Attack Time Setting Long Attack Time Setting Short Release Time Setting Long Release Time Transient detection and processing in stereo or mono Adjusting mono or stereo input level Adjusting mid input level Adjusting stereo spread Stereo spread between L and R channels Adjusting stereo response Introducing ambience Introducing surround effect Speaker monitor effect Rotating speaker Speaker Fade Speaker cut Room ambience Room reflect effect Cabinet ambience Cabinet reflect effect Cabinet switch effect EQ of transient detection EQ of mono processing EQ of transient processing EQ of transient detection EQ of mono detection Mid equalizer Loudness Bell type filter Shelf type filter LP type filter Amplifier Resonance Resonance band Delay Gain Level Level control Formant Cutoff Sharpness When the wide EQ is enabled you can adjust 10 parameter for mid part (the center frequencies are auto-computed). When the gate and compression are enabled the level setting the "gate" parameter is used for the "compression" level. When the compressor is enabled the level of the "compression" level is set in level unit, and the width in Q. When the compression is enabled the ratio and duration are set independently from the "compression" level. First of all thank you very much to you for your donation. The package is a really great gift for me, a luthier guitar player. I can use it for my own purposes, for our workshop members to get hands on easily and good quality transients. Feel free to send me your feedback and ask any questions you may have. The following picture shows the Package in action, with the French vocals and bass lines from U2 Bono, and the guitar parts from McCartney, Lennon and Harrison. Hi, guys, today, I received the Pakage which is great as always and consists of five presets for the various type of transient, separately. I love that small but so powerful tool and I will use it in my own productions, in our workshop members productions and of course

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